$1,000 Scholarship Award for Student or AIT

Are you a student or AIT and member of NJACHCA that could use up to $1,000 grant towards your college tuition, 100 Hour Course or other education pursuit?  

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Whereas one of the prime functions of the NJ Chapter of the American College Health Administrator is to support the development of Administrators.

And whereas Administrators in Training can benefit from attendance at educational programs and conventions;

And whereas students undertaking their in-classroom education at a college may need financial support with the cost of school;

A Scholarship program has been established with the following guidelines:

  1. A committee will be established consisting of from 3-5 members who will review applications and make recommendations to the board. The committee will also submit an annual report including a review of past grants and suggestions for changes to the program.
  2. An amount of money not to exceed $1,000 per year will be used for one or more scholarships during the calendar year.
  3. Applications for the scholarships will be required to submit a form which may be obtained from the chapter president and other executive committee members.
  4. Scholarship recipients will be asked to report on their experience at the annual meeting.
  5. Successful applicants are permitted to reapply one additional time.
  6. Applicants must be regular or student member of the ACHCA.

Some acceptable uses of the fund are:

  •  Tuition at college
  •  Registration fees for national meetings
  • Registration fees for courses specifically designed to increase knowledge and/or skill for working with the aged
  • Educational seminars for AITs

Applications are available by contacting:

James N. Zauner
15 Dellwood Lane
Somerset, NJ  08873

via e-mail at


Submit Your Application Today.

2017 Scholarship Winner Sheena Egipto